Organic Fertilizers ... the benefits

Eco Pellets is a unique blend of the highest quality organic fertilizer and natural minerals, specifically formulated for the most effective and safe feeding of all your garden plants. It promotes natural, healthy plant growth. Essential plant nutrients are released slowly into the soil, stimulating microbiological activity, making further nutrients available to the plants.

Eco Pellets also helps the development of healthy, well structured soils.
It promotes microbial and earthworm activity which bind soil particles together
to improve soil structure and tilth. Better soil structure allows roots to grow unrestricted in a nutrient rich environment.

Eco Pellets is manufactured from poultry manure, one of nature’s oldest and most natural fertilizers. This product is composted, filtered and weed free. It is then pelletised for easier and cleaner handling.

Eco Pellets organic fertilizer supply a wide range of natural nutrients to the soil.
Aside from the three basic plant foods – nitrogen, phosphate and potash, it also includes natural trace elements such as zink, copper and manganese as shown in the analysis reports.


Organic fertilizers provide the natural catalyst for healthy plant growth
and improves the fertility of soil, especially in sandy areas.

Fruit and vegetables have a more firmer body and a longer shelf life.

Organically produced fruit and vegetables tastes better and is heavier
than a chemically fertilized product.

Organic fertilizers put carbon back in the soil so that the organic nutritients
are slowly released to the plants.

Organic fertilizers increases the water retention of the soil, so becomes
looser and more manageable.


Eco Pellets – All Purpose Organic Poultry Manure Fertilizer

We have been specialising in half organic mixes composing of composted poultry manure and sea bird guano since 1983. In early 2003 Eco Pellets expanded to include pelletising composted poultry manure on a small scale. As a result of the increased demand Eco Pellets increased production of pellets in 2009.
Further growth in demand has resulted in our composted poultry pellets becoming our mainline product.

While treated and dry composted manure in a pellet form is preferable over uncomposted wet manure as wet manure tends to make the soil very salty with an unbalanced Ph, we still produce half organic prescribed mixes based on farmers’ orders.

Our poultry manure is free of pesticides and will therefore not contaminate end products. Our Eco Pellets product is registered by the Dept of Agriculture of South Africa as a Group 2 Organic Fertilizer under Act 36 of 1947 and our Reg number is B3902.


We supply farmers directly in South Africa as well as through Kaap Agri,
Overberg Agri Stores and selected hardware stores.
See the stockists page for the full list.

Our factory is based in Windhoek Namibia, were our dryers use the naturally warm desert air to dry the poultry manure. This locks is the high NPK values.


   Healthy Plant Growth
   Eco Friendly
   Improves Soil Quality

•  EcoCert Input Attestation
    NOP 2022 Certificate

•  Eco Pellets - Registration


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