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Eco Pellets Organic Poultry Manure Fertilizer
5:2:2 (9)

Registered as a Group 2 Organic Fertilizer under Act 36 of 1947.
Reg number B5147.

Improved aeration and soil structure.
Improved moisture retention and saves water.
Improves absorbtion capacity of soils.
Pelleted for easy application.
Quick release.
Weed and pathogen free.

All manure originates from houses which are fully enclosed. The manure gets cleaned out via conveyor belts thereby eliminating contamination.
The manure then gets dried by desert air which is blown through by a drier and thereafter pelletized.

Laying hens are raised from day old chicks originating from either the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany. These countries only release chicks once they are declared healthy by an authorised veterinarian.

This means that these chicks are guaranteed MG/MS free, giving the advantage that no antibiotics are used, which is unique in the Southern African countries.


40kg Poliprop Bags
10kg Poliprop Bags

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   Firmer Fruit and Vegetables
   Slow Release of Nutrients
   Weed and Pathogen Free
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